Forum Tour

Join us for a tour of the The Mount Bold Reservoir and the Tauwitchere.

The tour will be providing two coaches to see some of Adelaide’s greatest dams. The coaches will inspect each destination separately and regroup at the end of the day at The National Wine Centre of Australia.

Our tour will explore The Mount Bold Reservoir which is 717 feet in length at the crest and the spillway which is 227ft long, 12 feet deep and 135 feet above the stream bed. The reservoir is not directly connected to the reticulation system. Water is released as required to maintain an adequate level at the Clarendon Weir and from that point, water is diverted to Happy Valley. Mount Bold also supplies its own electricity through a small hydro-electric plant. The dam’s height above sea level is 795 feet and the water is dammed back to a distance of 6.5 miles.

The tour will review the Spillway and explore the Inside Gate Area of the reservoir.

The coaches will travel to the Tauwitchere. Tauwitchere is one of five barrages, as part of the wider Goolwa Barrages system, which extends from Sir Richard Peninsula in the west to Pelican Point on the northern side of the Murray Mouth. The tour will review the Fishways, Gates and the Ewe Island. 

The coach will then drop all delegates back to The National Wine Centre to conclude the tour.


8:30am – Depart National Wine Centre of Australia 

9:20am – Arrive at the Mount Bold Reservoir

11:20am – Morning Tea 

11:40pm – Depart for Tauwitchere 

12:00pm – Lunch provided on the bus

12:55pm – Arrive at Tauwitchere

3:10pm – Depart tour

4:50pm – Arrive at National Wine Centre of Australia 


8:30am – Depart National Wine Centre of Australia 

10:10am – Arrive at the Tauwitchere

11:20am – Morning Tea

12:25pm – Depart for the Mount Bold

12:30pm – Lunch provided on the bus

1:40pm – Arrive at The Mount Bold

3:40pm – Depart tour

4:30pm – Arrive at National Wine Centre of Australia